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Welcome to East Valley Baseball's online registration!

Please follow all the steps in the registration process.  Start by clicking on the "Register Online" bar above.  If you have any questions about the registration process, please call us at 480.822.8148.  We'll be happy to guide you through it.

If you are planning on paying with cash, you will need to call us and make arrangements to drop it off to us (but still do this online registration.)

During the registration process you may be able to choose a team with a specific coach.  We cannot guarantee your player will be placed on that team.  (That team may already be full.)

Most teams fill quickly.  Our policy is to only place 12 players to a roster.  The coach may choose to carry more.  If you are registered and there are not enough players to form a team we will refund your credit card.  Although it is our goal that every child play baseball, there are situations where a player can't play.  Please register early and stay in contact with the league. 480.822.8148.

Keep in mind when registering that many of our team rosters are being filled with players that attend their Open Practices and/or tryouts.  These Open Practices and tryouts can be found on our RESOURCE LINK on our website.  You can also call the EVBB office to get more information about teams that have roster spots available.  There may be other fees associated with participation on some of our teams.  This will be at the discretion of the Head Coach.  There may be additional fees for field rentals for practices, light fees if the team practices at night and if you happen to get on a team that participates in tournaments, there may be additional tournament fees.  By attending an Open Practice or tryout, you will have the opportunity to ask the Head Coach about any extra fees or commitments that may be associated with participation on that particular team.  We do not have a fair-play rule in place for East Valley Baseball and it is not guaranteed that your child will play every game.  The process we have in place to find a team for your player is just that -  "a Process".  Sometimes it takes a few weeks to find the right team for your player.  Stay in touch with us and we will help with this process.
If you are a coach and want to register your entire team, please call us so we can set you up in the system and place your team in the appropriate division.
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